Fake Coins Stolen from UmerKot’s Museum

November 2, 2012  – 3 robbers stolen 100 replicas coins from Umerkot’s Museum , What it seems they had no knowledge about Antiques ” Coins ” but this is new trend which has started, ” Museums are being Robbed ” ! overpowering Staff they succeeded to enter and break off inside Museum but the actual coins were not there, Thanks to Replica makers, Those who have made Replicas almost alike actual one.

Now the point is, are there any real Coins anywhere, such as Hyderabad where Gold Coin from Bhambore is preserved? I hope NOT ! if yes than its really worrying me because that Gold Coin is the only Coin which is made up of GOLD in the History of Archaeology, It is sad to even read in today’s Dawn News Paper that this Robbery took place in UmerKot, Sindh, How safe our Museum and Archaeological sites are if such incident gonna happens again.

Police and Archaeology department must take proper initiatives to safe guard these sites else, I don’t think anything is safe is Pakistan at all. This shows how intelligently properly planned well mannered ” Robbery Takes place ” if the same potential these idiots focus on their low lives they can improve it but rather than improving life style they are damaging history Treasures. which is Shameful !


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