A strike called by the Oil Tanker Owner’s Association has caused a severe shortage of petrol in Karachi, Quetta and several parts of the country.

Karachi majority of the fuel stations are closed due to unavailibility of fuel – Only PSO  pumps are working. All went wrong when the government slashed Petroleum Products prices and imposed extra taxes on Oil Tankers suppliers

Chairman Petroleum and CNG Association Shabir Sulemanji said earlier said that 30 percent of fuel stations in Karachi have ran out of petrol and diesel due to the strike but in actual nearly 70% ( Sorry No Fuel ) 

Some reports of fuel stations illegally selling petrol in black at exorbitant rates of up to Rs100 per litre.

Some parts of Sindh and Punjab have also begun to feel the effect of the shortage, with fears that the shortage may spiral out of control.

The strike by the Oil Tanker Owner’s Association, called to protest against sales tax imposed on transportation of oil, is being seen as the main reason for the shortage which is causing great difficulty for consumers.

Experts and observers say the effects of the shortage are exacerbated by pumping stations not keeping enough stock and consumers waiting for prices to go down to refill their fuel tanks.




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