Honor Killing in Jamshoro: 24-year-old Waziran stoned to death

SINDH: Honor killing in Jamshoro – 24-year-old Waziran was brutally stoned to death in a heart-wrenching incident on Saturday. The accused in the case are in police custody.

The father of Waziran is seen crying at by the side of his daughter’s grave and begging for justice. The horrifying incident occurred at the Sindh’s district Jamshoro.

According to the locals, the girl was killed for honor. She succumbed to her wounds after being tortured savagely.

According to police

According to the police, the father of the girl initially reported Waziran had died in an accident. Later on, he went on to change his statement and testified she was killed by her in-laws.

The father of has nominated the husband and brother-in-law for the murder of his 24-year-old daughter.

Both the accused have been arrested and at present are in police custody.

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Honor Killing in Jamshoro- Waziran’s father crying by daughter’s grave

How was Waziran killed

According to reports, the 24-year-old was killed by stone-pelting and she was also repeatedly hit by a wooden stick. Her body was discovered near Indus highway.

Husband’s claim

In a statement given by Waziran’s husband, he claimed that her own family took her life. According to him, Waziran wanted to marry him which her family did not approve of. He also said her choice of marrying hm took her life.

Joint investigation team

A joint investigation team (JIT) has been formed to look into the claims of honor killing. Investigations are ongoing.


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