Honour Killing: 19-year-old Noorul Huda Shah shot by brother

KARACHI: Honour killing takes one more life in Karachi. Police officials confirm the death of 19-year-old Noorul Huda Shah in Karachi’s Marine Drive area located in Clifton Block-2.

Honour Killing: 19-year-old Noorul Huda Shah shot by brother
Honour Killing: 19-year-old Noorul Huda Shah shot by brother

Noorul Huda Shah was shot dead by her own brother, Hasnain Qamar on Saturday.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South Sheeraz Nazeer said the suspect Hasnain Qamar is in police custody. The weapon used in the honour killing of his 19-year-old sister was also recovered. The suspect has also confessed to the killing of his sister.

Noorul Huda Shah was shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). She was pronounced dead upon arrival.

JPMC’s executive director Dr Seemin Jamali confirmed that Noorul Huda died from a bullet shot in the head.

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Honour Killing: 19-year-old Noorul Huda Shah shot by brother

About Hasnain Qamar

Initial investigation revealed Hasnain Qamar was a sub-inspector in the Land Department of District Municipal Corporation South.

The weapon used in the crime belonged to their late father who was a director in the same department.

Why and how Noorul Huda Shah was killed ?

Noorul Hoda Shah was shot by her own brother for talking to a man. The brother Hasnain Qamar in a statement told the police that his sister used to talk to a man in the neighborhood. He had warned his sister many times and asked her not to talk to the man.

On the day of the crime (Saturday) his younger brother informed him of his sisters communication with the man, he took his fathers gun and shot Noorul Huda in the head. She died on the spot.

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Honour Killing in Pakistan

Pakistan is not new to honour killing, many young and innocent girls, and boys have been killed in this land in the name of honor. Their crime is usually having a liking for their opposite gender.

Liking and falling in love is considered a crime in many conservative fractions of this society. Finding a partner and showing their desire to spend the rest of their lives together leads to their deaths. The most gruesome part of this killing is the victims are killed mercilessly by their own brothers, fathers, mothers and other immediate relatives.

There is no right to a living for many due to family beliefs.


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