Immoral activities in Quaid’s grave room at Mazar e Quaid – VIDEO

How do you want me to put this… wonna hook up , let’s rent out Quaid’s Grave Room in just 2500 Pakistani Rupees? ARY Channel’s  program Sar e Aam Team finally exposed the administration at Mazar e Quaid involved in renting Qauid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Grave room for sexual activities, such a shameful act by the administration caught on tape red handed.

The team, led by the program host Iqrar-ul-Hassan, was stopped and manhandled when it attempted to shoot immoral activities at the Quaid’s mausoleum. It was discovered during a shoot that a room where Quaid’s real grave is located is reportedly rented out to couples for pursuing all their sexual desires.

Such activities been reported over the years at Quaid Mausoleum but no action taken by the Government Sindh nor Federal, It’s the first time ever that Media exposing stories.

Immoral activities in Quaid’s grave room at Mazar e Quaid – VIDEO

All the involved people should be jailed, Unbailable but unfortunately only the security employee got arrested and suspended from the job  How Interesting ?, while the administration team members will be held questionable in front of the committee set by Governor Sindh.
The Grave room was being rented for sexual activities by the authorities care takers at Mazar e Quaid, not just shameful act height of insanity and corruption. would they even bother to think twice to give their own daughters , mothers , sisters for the money …. I DON’T THINK SO …. 

It’s impossible that ordinary couples looking for some space for their sexual activities are not aware how friendly pimps administration is there, before this almost 75% people living in Karachi knows Mazar e Quaid is a dating point and pick up point ( Prostitution ) but this time inside the room where the grave is located doing immoral  activities and administration earning through this. seriously these people should be hanged till death.

not expecting much from the 3 members committee laid by Governor Sindh on this issue because one to another almost everyone is involved in dirty business.

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