Justice For Asmat Junejo: Raped at Government Hospital

KARACHI: Justice For Asmat Junejo– Twenty-five year old went to a government hospital located in Korangi for the treatment of toothache. She went alive and came back raped and injected with poison.

Earlier on Friday Asmat Junejo had visited the Government Hospital at Korangi for the treatment of toothache. It was reported she died of negligence.

The death of Asmat Junejo took a new turn on Saturday when the police confirmed she was raped and then brutally murdered by giving a poisonous injection at the hospital located in Korangi No.5.

FIR was registered at Awami Colony Police Station.

A compounder named Shahzeb at the medical facility has been taken into custody.

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Ghulam Muhammad the brother of Asmat Junejo had given the name of Shahzeb and doctor on duty as suspects, Awami Colony Police stated.

The injection given to Asmat is in police custody and will be sent for chemical analysis.

The post-mortem of Asmat Junejo was also conducted to determine the cause of death.

Justice For Asmat Junejo: Raped at Government Hospital

Justice For Asmat Junejo is being demanded by family and public of Pakistan.
Justice For Asmat Junejo in trending on Social Media

Asmat went to Govt. hospital in Korangi, Karachi, Sindh for the treatment of toothache, where she was drugged by the doctor and brutally raped and later was poisoned to death so that no one will know the truth.

Poor #AsmatJunejo went to Sindh Govt Hospital Korangi for tooth ache, there she was raped & killed by staff. What a shameful, barbaric act by, esp in a Hospital. Patients who are supposed to be saved in Hospitals aren’t safe in Hospitals. #Ashamed

Attention everyone, this lady #AsmatJunejo who suffered toothache thus for consultation she went to Sindh government Hospital Korangi No. 5 in Karachi where she was allegedly raped and then killed with poisonous injection on 18 Apr 19. Her helpless family is seeking justice.

Asmat Junejo was allegedly raped and killed by a Doctor and paramedics in Government Hospital Korangi, Karachi three days ago. According to the postmortem report, she was poisoned after being gang-raped.#justiceforAsmatJunejo.

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#Nashwa#AsmatJunejo.. Hospitals have become butcher houses, where everything is precious except for human life.
rest in peace

According to her family, a young woman #AsmatJunejo, went to a government hospital in Karachi for treatment of a toothache where she was drugged, raped and later poisoned to death by a doctor and two paramedics.

#AsmatJunejo an innocent modest Girl went to Korangi Govt hospital where she was raped and then killed. Medical professionals & doctors have become savages looters rapists and butchers in Pakistan. They dont care abt patients they care only about money and their lust. #DarulSehat


Wtf is wrong with those people? Please hang them in public and let their remains hanging in the public. They don’t deserve any religious rituals whatsoever.
May you rest in peace girl and may Allah punish those who did this with you. Ameen. #AsmatJunejo

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Her funeral prayers were offered at Noorani Mosque and the deceased was laid to rest at Ibrahim Hyderi graveyard.

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