Karachi : 14 Shot Dead today, any solution to get rid of Killings?

Karachi : 14 people shot dead today up till now, Karachi killings continues, CID Police Inspector Jhanzeb Khan is one of those 14 in today’s target.

merely there is any hope for the citizen of this city which only gets the news of killings and blasts, Karachi been one of the most violent cities in the recent pasts, on which Chief of Army Staff given statement that there is no need of Army Operation, wonder where does he sees the hope that things will ever get better here in Karachi.

Majority of the people are living in Karachi are because they are stuck and optionless else I don’t think people wants to suffer here in Karachi. Daily killings outrages and bomb blasts are no surprise anymore, Indeed Karachi isn’t the only city but Quetta and Peshawar represents the same.

on one side the Government is freeing killers ( Talibans ) wonder why captured at first place if you had to freed them all, for peace gesture surely it shows the pressure on the government due to US forces will are seeking for the exit in 2014, which to me seems untrue completely.

but Pakistan will be facing worst time ahead in 2014 once the US forces left, TTP has claimed many violent incidents and yet there is no need of operation seems very unfair decision, Haraza Community got the Justice by slamming the Balochistan Government but what about Karachi Genocide which has continued and 2012 was one of the bloodiest year for this city, does anyone even count Karachi as a part of Pakistan ! daily I see news papers are filled with the news about Karachi but no reaction by the security forces.

Government and the Pakistan Army needs to make proper strategy to stop killings in Karachi, if they continued on the way they are than the chances are we’re heading straight to civil war situation, there is certain limitations and patience after which even the ordinary person looses his patience and becomes violent.

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