Karachi 200,000th Unidentified buried by Edhi

KARACHI – It was in the dawn newspaper has this, after viewing and reading entire review please don’t mind my language, what the f** government is upto, unidentified 200,000th does it make any sense, Police and Rangers have failed and they get training from terrorists incase they don’t know but Karachi has been suffering from this Genocide while supreme and high court Sindh having conflicts !

Where the hell do ordinary citizen go. Yes! A new website www.sindhpolice.gov.pk  has been launched with numerous spelling mistakes. If this is how police is and on other hand they want to de-weaponize the city, I think few of these idiots die like this so they will realize the pain and grief people are going through here in Karachi daily.

It is right of everyone to be protected and safe.As court has cancelled licenses let me say one thing  nobody uses license weapon to kill anyone. We are totally dependent on Edhi. If a body is unidentified then maybe that is where we will end. Shame on the Government and these political parties that despite knowing all they stay quiet. Sorry to say but after knowing all this I hate to even think that we all call ourselves Muslims  Where is brotherhood 200,000th are you blind or am I the only one, where is humanity!

Humans have no humanity and we have become worse than animals!

INCPak Team

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