Karachi & Quetta needs Army Operation !

Leaders of the Shiite Muslim minority in the Pakistani city of Quetta demanded the deployment of the country’s army after the latest in a wave of militant attacks that the community said killed 84 people.

At least 225 were injured in the Feb. 16 bombing at a market in the capital of the province of Baluchistan, said Sardar Tariq Jafri, an official with a local Shiite organization. Relatives refused to bury the dead, repeating a protest that last month forced the dismissal of the provincial administration following a similar massacre.

Prominent Shiites, including Shia Ulema Council leader and religious scholar Abbas Komali, demanded an army-led operation to stop the attacks. TV channels showed protesters, including women and children, staging a sit-in alongside the bodies of the victims of the latest attack.

– AFP 

When Claimed what the Heck Government is waiting for?

LeJ claimed the responsibility of Quetta Bombing, wondering what more Government or The Army requires to take proper action against organization? Fine it is very much understandable Government may not be supportive with the people since It always been like Government is sort of India ruling over Pakistan, but what excuse Army so called or known Establishment has?

Lack of orders or balls?

Point is it is up to the people not the servants to decide we pay for them all to do there duty which each one has failed to do so, its not the religion nor its politics something huge massive is being prepared for Pakistan!

Karachi and Quetta both cities require immediate operation to stop the outrage , fine we are ordinary people but do not consider us blind !

If Army didn’t do the operation than I’ll be sure its involved in all that has been happening, How can anyone ignores Karachi Killing where body counts goes on nothing else, neither the news is charming to anyone nor worrying but the people are dying what sort of Government and democracy are we trying to save by showing ignorance.

Daily body count ! I mean is there any limit? Retarded representatives or guardians maybe both?

I am not shia nor i am sunni i am just a Muslim who believes in Allah , follows Prophet Mohammad S.A.W and Quran, I know nothing more and nothing less.

Farhan Imaan

INCPak ~ Voice Of the People

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