KARACHI – Several shops, mosque and few houses were damaged when unidentified men attacked residences of two transporters with hand grenades in Mianwali Colony in Karachi city on Wednesday.

The transporters have alleged that they have been attacked by the extortionist.
Sources said that the assailants threw hand grenade on a house located in New Mianwali colony in wee hours. They added that the bang of the blasts was heard in several kilometers radius while eight shops and bakery situated on the ground floor of the house were also damaged in the result of the attack.

Fortunately not casualty reported in the attack. Police said that the purpose of the attack was to damage the residence and shops of Haji Rattas Khan Niazi, a local transporter. Later in morning, the residence of former Union Council (UC) Nazim Haji Aurangzaib was also attacked after he refused to pay Rs5 million extortion money.


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