My Phone snatched on a GUN POINT at I.I.C Road Karachi

Karachi – My mobile phone got snatched at the GUN POINT right on the most busiest street I I Chandigarh Road Karachi where atleast 10 CCTV camera in a radius are fixed and right in front Of   STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN. At around 740 PM ( PST ) I was in my Car my mistake was I kept my window open and my Car engine was off, that’s where heavenly fellows came out from no where pointed a GUN right at my Face openly where must been recorded in State Bank , Bank Of Punjab , KASB Bank , Dubai Islamic and God Knows the Names of other Banks .

All the Banks have CCTV Cameras and Guards as well but than again, it is easy as 1 2 3, with in 20 seconds HARDLY my phone was snatched, Guys were Pathaans one on a Bike and other one with TT pistol, ( Darra made ) Pakistani made loaded the GUN right on my face and asked me for take out what ever you Got !

I am not shocked  because to live in Karachi you have to get used of these nonsense infact I can do the same with anyone snatch but I wouldn’t do with anyone no matter what because I cannot be low life scams like them, those who are looting are worst losers and nowadays we don’t even get the report of how many mobiles snatched or people got robbed because in Karachi we are counting dead bodies daily. It is useless to report police because the first question they ask what were you doing there as if it is a crime to be there, where did you came from and where were you going common interrogation question totally useless, pointless and just as our police is, Police Head Quarter is 200 meters from there and this I.I.C Road has least 500 I may be underestimating Cameras but Useless. If you call PTA to block your number Verification procedure is another painful  thing, pointless.

These days phones are smart so your life is on the line, all the passwords and data are in them that’s what is more precious ( Android or any other ) the painful part is to secure as soon as possible your passwords, By now after 4 hours It must be sold in Mobile Market for almost 10 to 12 thousand WONDERFUL isn’t it , we are living in the jungle where everything seems pointless and useless, I am totally against de-weaponizing if i had the weapon I would have fired that asshole, no matter hanged till death since Justice here is mirrored ( money makes the difference ) everywhere even when you have to get operated in government hospital or FINAL RESTING PLACE  ( GRAVE ) is being SOLD at home some amount .

My PHONES IMEI 3589505510847

Make                          Qmobile

Model                        Noir A8

If anyone gets it check IMEI half of the sets are Stolen , let’s say 80 percent if you get it report me and Claim the money from the one who sold you. until and unless we wont Yell scream make it DO OR DIE this non sense here will never stop in karachi because such bastards are every where.

Farhan Imaan


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  1. In march 2012 I lost my New CD 70 honda bike when i was inside a mosque to pray Esha and when i came back to street where my bike was. I was shoked to see that my bike was no there. I called the 15 .. But they are saying " stay there " We'll be there in 10 minutes. We waited for one hour approximately and they still saying " Stay there " We are reaching. After that me and my brother went to the police station nearby. They saying we are in a meating. They are not writing FIR then .. But with some reference we had written the FIR. And after that all Tamasha
    There is no contact of police with us, not even a single phone call.
    Aisa lgta tha k Hamarey pas bike thi hi nhi.. Woh din aur aj ka din hai kisi kisam ki koi report nhi…
    Mere abbu ki new bike mujh se Gum hogayi… :(
    Sorry to write in roman urdu. Actually i was not able to write last three lines into english.
    Stay happy and Stay blessed..

  2. I am reallySorry Bro for your Mobile! May Allah provide you the best replacement for the same.
    Well do you have any tacking software installed in the set??

    About 3-4 months back when I purchased my first smart phone Zong Huawie Ideos U-8150B it was stolen a month after and I was able to get the location of my phone as well as the sim card number that was changed using android application "whereesmydroid". But as I have no resources to recover my set what I did is called that number and threatened the person who picked up the phone as being a police man and he was actually threatened saying that he has just bought this set from the market.. so this was my story.. I wish may your set be recovered and the responsibles be bring to justice!

    1. I am sorry to hear about your set too, but brother this what I want people to report share and discuss I seriously don't understand Pakistani Youth is crazy about mobiles but when it is serious issue as street crime or killings none is bothered to even to read the news, as you know that INCPak is not working under any pressure by any forum it is by the people and for the people where all can report share discuss debate and resolve, yet I am getting not a positive response from the youth.

      One thing I can tell you for sure if i was High profile or you and somebody stolen our phone set ( Police ) would have recovered it with in 24 hrs because what we have in our hand are toy softwares apps they have ESN to IMEI locators which tells each and everything ( Activity ) but sorry to say I did not even bothered to go Police station because of their pathetic questions like as If i am the thief ! they are pretty much involved in such activities else carrying a weapon on a bike seems more easier than with licence

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