The Place – NUEPLEX a new Entry in Karachi – DHA Phase 8. 



Nueplex has been designed by world renowned Cinema Architects Mesbur & Smith of Canada, and houses as many as 5 theaters – with gigantic screens – that can simultaneously play host to about 1100 people. Two of the cinemas – Cinema 1 and 3 – have 265 seats each, Cinema 2 (the one with the largest screen of all) has 370 seats while Cinema 4 has a capacity to fit in 148 people. The fifth ‘Royal’ hall has only 40 seats but has a separate waiting lounge with features such as leather recliner seats and attendants on call. Each hall has 3D screens and possesses custom-designed acoustics – designed by world renowned acoustic designers Valcoustics from Canada – that is likely to take the audience to a different level altogether.

Housed on the second floor of The Place is the completely first of its kind, built from the ground up and designed by world renowned cinema Architects Mesbur & Smith of Canada, the cutting edge, the state of art cinema complex, Nueplex Cinemas. Comprising 5 theaters, totaling 1100 seats and home to the 3 largest silver screens in Pakistan, Nueplex Cinemas is set to change the face of the Pakistani cinema business forever. Boasting top end 4K Digital projection systems custom designed by Christie Digital Canada, Nueplex Cinemas has been outfitted by Asia’s top cinema integration company, Eugenetek Corporation and is the crowning achievement of years of planning and implementation. Boasting the latest 3D technology, custom designed sound systems and complete digital control of all theater functions, Nueplex is years ahead of any other cinema nationwide.

Play area & Food court:

The Place will also feature Thrill Rides (Bumper Cars, Merry-Go-Round and 80-feet Drop Tower), an international standard Food Court, a Skating rink as well as a Daycare Center where parents can drop their kids and go on a movie ride at the Nueplex Cinema without worrying about the child’s safety. The Drop Tower needs special mention since it is only the fourth ‘indoor’ Drop Tower in the world that has the capacity to make the riders bounce, free fall and rotate at the same time.

Ticket Info:


Nueplex Cinemas will not only change the cinema business, it will have far reaching effects on the film and media business of Pakistan. Being at the pinnacle of technology, design and art, Nueplex Cinemas will be the standard by which all visual and aural presentation is judged. Our mission is simple, to provide the most amazing cinema experience in the world right here in Karachi. Nueplex Cinemas is a revolution, an ambitious and challenging idea bought to life and a film lover’s paradise, the entertainment capital of Karachi, Pakistan.

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    I am planning to visit at Cinema on coming tomorrow, because I have heard about it that it has very good cinema with a big screen.


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