PML(F) Chief Pir Pagara did the Historical Jalsa in Hyderabad

Hyderabad : Pakistan Muslim League Functional’s Chief Pir Pagara did the historical Jasla (Public Gathering) PML-F shows strength in Hyderabad; rejects SPLGA 2012  the new LG Law introduced by MQM and PPP in Sindh, in which the Slogan was ” Hik Sindh Hik Kanoon Hik Dharti Hik Pakistan ” ( One Sindh One Law One Land One Pakistan).

In the history of Sindh, Hyderabad never before 1.2 million people gathered from across the sindh to attend such public gathering and PML(F) Chief Pir Pagara addressed to all including Sindh Nationalist Parties, those who appose against the New Local Government, through out the event was captured by Sindhi media channels and all went peaceful, instead of the chairs, on 70 acres Carpets were laid to sit on the floor and the security duty was given to HUR’s as well as Police and Rangers.

Pir Pagara is the head of HUR Regiment which secures the border from Panoakil till Thar entire LoC, since decades Hur Regiment Pakistan Army been ensuring the security of the sindh Border with India.

In his speech he rejected SPLGA 2012 and showed the strength of Sindhi People in Sindh and in Pakistan that we cannot accept Laws which are unacceptable to the people of Sindh.

Media Channels didn’t captured as they usually do only the local media Sindhi Channels, Meanwhile ANP did not attended which resigned along with PML(F) from Sindh Assembly which shows this time, It was the message from the People of Sindh to the Government of Pakistan.

Farhan Imaan F.Abro

INCPak Team.

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