Post-mortem report reveals Nimrita was raped and murdered

LARKANA: Final post-mortem report revealed that Nimrita was raped and murdered.

Dr. Nimrita Amarta Maher Chandani was found dead in her hostel room in September. She was BDS final year student at Bibi Asifa Dental College (BADC) Larkana.

The post-mortem report suggests she was sexually assaulted prior her death. She died due to asphyxiation (suffocation).

Police surgeon Dr. Qarar Ahmed Abbasi gave an statement and said “she was murdered by strangulation after rape”.

Woman Medico-Legal Officer (WMLO), Dr Amrita, of Chandka Medical College Hospital has given her opinion based on the final post-mortem report. She has stated in a report that provisional DNA test report of forensic and molecular Biology Laboratory LUM&HS Jamshoro detected male DNA profile which indicates sexual act with the deceased.

The ligature marks also represent the use of ligating material narrower in width.

The report reads

 “The constriction of the neck from outside by ligating material (narrower in width as self-explaining from ligature mark present on the neck to be compared to the recovered ligature with configuration of ligature mark-advised) has caused the death of deceased by producing asphyxial signs.”

“These signs are produced either from strangulation or hanging, to be ascertained on circumstantial evidence as (corroborative) i.e. that is at the scene of crime/others by state investigating authorities,”

“That provisional DNA report of forensic and molecular biology laboratory LUMHS Jamshoro detected male DNA profile obtained from semen stains/sperm fractions from HVS and clothes indicates sexual act with deceased.”

Dr. Qarar Ahmed Abbasi has said it has to be determined through circumstantial evidence if Nimrita was strangulated or hanged.

Quoting the marks on the neck which were narrower in width he said, it clearly indicates the wound was not caused by dupatta. It shows the use of “rope like thing or material”

Dr. Abbasi also said final post-mortem report didn’t establish the initial theory of suicide”.

Post-mortem report

Nimrita Found Dead

Final year BDS student Nimrita was found dead in her hostel room on September Sixteen.

She was student of Bibi Asifa Dental College, Larkan enrolled in Bachelor of Dental Surgery Programme.

The hostel watchman was called to break open her door when her friends did not receive any response after knocking her door.

The vice-chancellor, Dr, Anila Attaur Rehman had said in initial statement that it appeared to be a suicide case.

Justice For Nimerta

Justice for Nimrita started trending on social media after the tragic death of young BDS student.

Nimrita’s brother Dr. Vishal had been saying his sister was murdered from the beginning.

Police apprehend two suspects

The police had arrested two suspects namely Mehran Abro and Ali Shah. Both the suspects were close friends of Nimerta.


Peaceful protest were carried out by the students Demanding Justice for Nimerta.

Family, friends, general public and the Hindu community all came out on streets to demand Justice for Nimrita.


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