Siblings kept mother’s body in freezer for 12 years in Karachi

Police said that a woman’s body was retrieved today that had been kept in a freezer for almost 12 years by the woman’s two children in Karachi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal area.

body in freezer
Siblings kept mother’s body in freezer after her death. CCTV footage of dumpster where he body was dumped by siblings uncle.

According to a Dawn News report, the woman was identified as Zakia Khatoon who died around 12 years ago and her children Shagufta and Ehsan instead of burying her, kept her in a freezer for around 12 years until they died a few months ago.

Mehboob the sibling’s uncle and the deceased woman’s brother said that he visited the apartment two days ago at which point he found the his sister’s remains on the mattress.

However, last night he retrieved her body was was dumping it in garbage when he was caught on CCTV footage.

Mehboob has been taken into custody according to police and the body has been sent to the morgue for an autopsy. An investigation into the incident has been initiated by the local police.

According to Mehboob, he was unware of his sister’s death and said that the two siblings did not meet anyone from the family and even the neighbors and mostly kept to themselves.

According to Mehboob, the apartment remained empty after the death of the siblings.

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