Sindh Govt setup 115 Heat Stroke Centers in Karachi

KARACHI: Government of Sindh has established 115 Heat Stroke Centers in various parts of the city to curb with Heatwave from May 1st, 2019.

Sindh Govt has declared Heat Emergency in Thirteen Hospitals across the city to cope with the heatwave starting from tomorrow.

Met Office and PMD warned about upcoming Heatwave from May 1 to May 3, The weather of Karachi is expected to rise 40C feels like 44C.

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HOW TO PROTECT FROM HEATSTROKE: The term ‘heatstroke’ has become a nightmare for the citizens after several people succumbed to the sweltering heat brought about by the unrelenting hot weather in Karachi including most parts of Sindh in 2015.

Sindh Govt setup 115 Heat Stroke Centers in Karachi

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