KARACHI: Sindhi Cultural Day is being celebrated across the province on Sunday (today)Sindhi Cultural Day is marked every year on 7th December as designated by the provincial government of Sindh. The day is celebrated to keep the rich culture of the province alive.


Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister of Culture and Tourism, Sharmila Farooqui has said that Sindhi Cultural Day will be celebrated on December 7 with traditional fervour and zeal.

The natives of Sindh present Sindhi caps and ajraks as a gesture of goodwill on this day.

Rallies are taken out across the province to celebrate the occasion. Functions are held in schools and colleges whereas stalls are placed throughout different cities of the province to display the traditional cultural items.

The day not only highlights the culture of Sindh but it also brings source of revenue for daily wage earners.



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