Traveling By Public Transport in Karachi

Are you a female living in Karachi?  Have you traveled by public transport? If no this is how it feels traveling in those noisy colorful buses.

Rushing out of the house early in the morning  to get on the bus on time because you don’t want to be late for work. You can wait on the road side for the bus since bus stands don’t matter, even though there are few bus stands here and there you would not find any one there because every one wants be picked by the bus from their own favorite spots. You can stop the bus even in the middle of the road in heavy moving traffic.

You’d be lucky if you get the bus right away or else 15 to 20 minutes are gone. You be luckier if you get the seat to sit down in the ladies compartment. Be careful as you climb the bus because, the bus drivers don’t bother to wait till you get on the completely, the hit the accelerator the moment you grab the bus door handle to climb, so be very careful if you want to reach your office alive and in one piece.

The ladies compartment has hardly 7 to 8 seats but don’t be surprised if you find men sitting in the ladies seats. If you thinking they will get up and vacate the seats than you are wrong, they won’t unless you give them an ugly look and tell them to get up. In a space where there are such few seats you will find tens of other ladies standing that is if you are lucky or else there will be men standing all over in the ladies compartment. And of course they are so pathetic and gross you can’t do or say anything to make them get off or go in the men compartment. There are men on the roof of the bus too, seen them falling off from the moving bus on the road.

Public transport in Karachi

Public transport in karachi

Public Transport Never Stops at Bus Stand

Men are not allowed inside the ladies compartment nor they are allowed on the roof but the drivers bribe the traffic police with as little as 20 to 50 rupees and get off it. About the male passenger what can I say they are all educated working class of the city.

Wonder who gives them the driving licenses, there is no limit to their speed , they can overtake whenever and where ever they like, If   they hit the break it is always so sudden that if you are standing you will definitely fall and hurt your self. Just as the drivers don’t wait till you get inside the bus same way they will start the bus before you step your first foot out. And they stop any where in the road, you’d always be scared the moment you step out you might get hit by another vehicle.

 Getting in the bus first thing in the morning is like going on a battlefield every day, you don’t know if you will be back home or not. The drivers are the worst of all, traffic rules they don’t follow, speaking manners they don’t have and people lives they don’t care about. This city needs a well organized transportation service especially for the working women. The drivers should be educated enough to understand and follow traffic rules, with proper driving skills and who are not addicted to naswaar and the likes.

Finally I request all the male passengers, if you take the same public transport please show some respect to the female passengers and do not get in side the ladies compartment. As we are all part of the same society, let us all live in peace and harmony with respect for each other.

“Traveling By Public Transport in Karachi”

By INCPak Team.

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