Worst hit city of the century Karachi

Days ahead are troubled and difficult for Karachi, as the series of bombing continued in already expecting that mobile phone ( Cellular Networks ) will be suspended on 9th and 10th of Moharram due to security issues, Private schools will remain close today on Friday too.

Karachi, already facing too much from Target killing sectarian violance the new rage of the bomb blasts has raised many questions, where as Rehman Malik’s statement was a little confusing about Karachi and Quetta ” Invisible forces” involved in disturbing peace in both cities.

I was expecting some reasonable, mature statement but Mr.Malik continues on with his trendy statement which was not funny at all. Both Cities Quetta and Karachi are out of control, for which operations needed to be carried out right-away rather than delaying it and leaving the citizens dying, In just 4 days over 50 people has died just in Karachi and death toll continues on.

What’s the actual solution, everyone is asking but Government seem to be not worried as Grave yards are being filled !

How many are enough for this government to declare full scale operation in both cities,  Supreme court concerned about the Karachi and Quetta but why hasn’t any initiative has been taken seriously, as for the safety and security Pak Army should have been deployed in Both Cities to restrain peace and make a fool proof security in which Police and Rangers including agencies has failed to do so.

Let’s hope and pray to Allah that days ahead passes with no trouble since already people been a victim of freshly new series of Bombing in Karaci as well in Quetta and let’s pray for Mr.Malik to give a favorable statement rather than describe it as ( Invisible Forces ) .

Surveillance Camera are not just CCTV footage anymore – Back in 2007 the technology was told to be upgraded with latest equipments, in which sound detection and GPS pin pointing out the  location was featured addition, as for the Jammers ( Highly powerful ) radiation to defuse all electric Battery devices in the radius are being used by other countries for security, it is no imagination today, it was suppose to be upgraded back than before 2008 Election why hasn’t been done.

When we look at the west, who has secured itself positively from threats and bombing after 9/11 and we have been constantly counting bodies, People are worried about GAZA, well I say they atleast know who is attacking them here in Karachi we don’t know who is our enemy. This is Serious issue kindly raise this question on higher level so that PEACE becomes reality as for now it is just my imagination being in worst hit City of the Century ” Karachi “

INCPak Team .

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