Son murders mother with an axe in Naval Colony, Karachi

KARACHI: A son identified as Irshad Hussain murders his own mother with an axe over some domestic dispute in Karachi according to a report by Geo News.

Son murders mother, naval colony karachi, domestic violence
Son murders mother with an axe in Naval Colony, Karachi.

The accused belonged to the Naval Colony in Karachi and took his own mother’s life over a domestic dispute according to the police.

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Irshad Hussain was taken into custody by the Naval Police who later handed him over to the police. According to the report, the accused was a Navy officer and had taken a one year leave from 20 June.

It is hard to wrap our head around the incident where a son murders his own mother over some dispute but domestic violence cases are becoming increasingly common in Pakistan in recent months.

We all remember the recent Zoobia Meer case where another son beat up his own mother and sister relentlessly over property and money dispute.

The Zoobia Meer incident became trending on social media and action was taken against her brother Arsalaan. The matter was later resolved.

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