SOPs for cattle markets in Punjab

LAHORE: Government of Punjab has issued detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for cattle markets in Punjab in order to control the spread of coronavirus on Eid-ul-Azha.

Although safety guidelines are issued on every Eid-ul-Azha, this year the SOPs issued are much more comprehensive keeping in view the current coronavirus pandemic.

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The following guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs) need to implemented at cattle markets in Punjab:

  1. Cattle markets will be established at designated areas 2-5km outside city limits.
  2. Number and size of cattle markets should depend upon cattle base and transport facilities although TWG recommends more markets to be setup in order to disperse crowds so everyone doesn’t gather at the same place.
  3. Cattle markets need to provide shed for animals.
  4. Management offices should have proper ventilation.
  5. There should be medical camps setup at all cattle markets.
  6. Proper parking needs to be available.
  7. Separate entry and exit points needs to be established at the cattle markets.
  8. Management need to ensure controlled entry as to avoid too many people gathering inside.
  9. Parking should be properly managed to maintain proper distance and no extra vehicles should enter if capacity does not permit.
  10. People who are sick with fever, cough or have any related symptoms are not allowed at cattle markets.
  11. There should be a proper distance maintained between everyone at entry points.

Following is the copy of the notification with complete details:

Cattle Markets Punjab
SOPs for cattle markets in Punjab.
Cattle Markets Punjab
Page 2.

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