SP Hamza Humayun successfully handles hostage crisis in Islamabad

SP Hamza Humayun of Islamabad police department is getting praised from all parts of the country, owing to his heroic performance against recent criminal act in the capital. Putting up an audacious fight with the felons, the police officer had rescued two hostage children without harm, following with the arrest of the offender.

SP Hamza Humayun
SP Hamza Humayun successfully handles hostage crisis, rescues minors

The incident took place in the Barakahu area of Islamabad. According to the reports, a wanted delinquent had entered an unsigned house of neighborhood, where he illegitimately held two youngsters hostage, in order to avoid arrest at the hands of Law Enforcement Authorities (LEAs.)

With children’s lives at stake, the offender’s apprehension turned to be a threatening subject. However, the impudent SP Hamza Humayun came out as a hero of the day.

Dealing with the matter personally, SP hamza Humayun ensured the children’s safety first. And, after four hours long clash, the police officials succeeded in rescuing the children. Also, the monstrous criminal couldn’t escape the scene and was taken into custody.  

The suspect could be seen being shifted with his face covered in the following video, shared by Islamabad police.

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The children previously held hostage are told to be three and four years old, who were safely delivered to their parents, following the incident. As for SP Hamza Humayun, his heroic stance couldn’t go unnoticed. Praising the officers, Office of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad tweeted,

“4 hours Hostage situation in Barakahu. A person had kept 2 kids in confinement on gunpoint. Outstanding bravery shown by SP Capt Hamzah Hamayun and strong nerves and control by SSP @syedmustafapsp who themselves got the kids recovered, arrested the culprit. Real life heroes.”

As of now, the police have initiated a probe into the entire matter besides also recording the testimonies of the eye-witnesses in the neighborhood.

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