Students demand semester break, not satisfied with online classes

Many students all across Pakistan demand a semester break as they are not satisfied with the online classes being provided. All educational institutions in Pakistan have been closed amid the coronavirus pandemic and these students are taking to Twitter to express their concern with online classes.

Most students claim that they are being charged an expensive amount of tuition fee and the online classes aren’t worth the money they are paying and doesn’t teach properly.

Students Demand Semester Break  #We_Want_Semester_Break Coronavirus
University students across Pakistan demand a semester break as they are not satisfied with online classes being provided since all educational institutions are closed amid the coronavirus outbreak. – #We_Want_Semester_Break

Some students are complaining that since they have gone home after hostels were shut down, they don’t have proper access to internet as many student live in small towns or villages.

Some students are even claiming that they are traveling long distances to access internet since there is no such facility in the districts they live in and that means they can’t stay home during the coronavirus outbreak since they need to attend their online classes.

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Thousands of students have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #We_Want_Semester_Break to express their concern with online classes calling it a waste of time.

Twitter is now trending with the hashtag #We_Want_Semester_Break at number one in Pakistan.


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