Suspects from Dr Maha Shah suicide case escape court

Junaid Khan and Waqas Hasan, the two central suspects of Dr Maha Shah suicide case has escaped from city court, right in front of on-duty officers. Reportedly, the aforementioned previously appealed for interim bail that was rejected by the judges. However, on Monday the duo absconded from the custody, as they fled into the rickshaw.

Dr Maha Shah, Dr Maha Shah Suicide, Junaid Khan
Suspects from Dr Maha Shah suicide case escape city court.

“Escape of a suspect from police custody is itself a crime, so as a case will be registered against the IO, while a departmental inquiry has also been initiated.”– Stated senior officer, handling the case as he suspended the investigating officer who failed to apprehend the suspects.

He continued, “A case is also being registered against the fleeing suspects because escaping from police custody is a crime. Khan was handcuffed while he escaped. The IO tried to catch him but they fled in a rickshaw.”

Father of Dr Maha Shah speaks regarding the matter

Syed Asif Ali Shah, father to late Dr Maha Shah has been spotted playing a crucial part in the case, trying to connect the two ends that lead to the startling death of his daughter. Shah previously declared the under-custody had his daughter addicted to drugs that promoted her suicide.

Moreover, Shah also revealed that the two arrested suspects were the first to reach the hospital, following Maha’s death. In a public conference, he claimed Waqas and Junaid, in collision with other doctors had replaced the Medico legal officer (MLO) concerned with the suicide case.

However, in a recent announcement, Asif Ali Shah questions the suspects why run when not guilty. He stated, “If they haven’t done anything wrong, why did they escape? We’re satisfied with the police investigations, but fear that the suspects might escape abroad.”

Backstory of Junaid and Waqas

Recent development in Dr Maha Shah suicide case had bought the twosome under hot waters. Junaid Khan was unveiled to be an abusive ex-boyfriend of the victim, whereas Waqas Hasan was a close friend, involved with the weapon used by Maha.

Talking about Junaid, police investigations discovered Dr Maha Shah’s voice recording that she sent to her friend. In the audio clip, the deceased was clearly heard discussing her toxic relationship with Junaid. Also, Maha had stated consumption of sleeping pills, to deal with depression brought by Junaid. Hence, the abovementioned was immediately arrested by the police.

Dr Maha Shah
Junaid Khan with Dr Maha

Moving on to Waqas, he was a close friend to Maha. Waqas was taken into custody after Maha’s father listed him into the suspects list. According to him, Waqas alongside Junaid and Dr. Irfan had harassed, blackmailed and intoxicated the fashion blogger to a point where she shot herself.

Here to mention, besides Waqas and Junaid, two other fellows of Dr Maha Shah was also allegedly involved into the matter. Namely Tabish and Saad, they were the co-workers to the deceased. Nevertheless, police research into the incident disclosed the weapon used by Maha was purchased on July 9th by Saad Nasir, who sold it to Tabish Yaseen on July 12th. Tabish had given the gun to Maha a month prior to her astounding death. However, the two were not arrested by the police down to weak evidence.

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Dr Maha Shah death

Dr Maha Shah was a fashion blogger and a doctor by profession, operational at a private hospital in DHA, Karachi. Originally from Mirpurkhas, Maha was renting a house near the hospital where she resided with father and two sisters.

Earlier in august, the renowned influencer Dr Maha Shah committed suicide, owing to personal issues, drug addiction, toxic relation, depression or family disputes. She was taken to Jinnah hospital in a critical condition, but didn’t survive. Since then, Maha’s death remains a mystery. Many suspects and evidences have been discovered by the police, after her father contracted FIR against some of her close friends.  

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