Sindh govt restricts Taraweeh and congregational prayers

KARACHI: The Government of Sindh has decided to restrict congregational prayers including Friday and Taraweeh prayers similar to the lockdown that was being observed the past few weeks.

Taraweeh Prayers
Sindh Government issues directives restricting Taraweeh Prayers and Congregational Prayers during Ramazan.

The decisions comes after top doctors in Pakistan held a meeting warned the government of the consequences of lifting the lockdown on Mosques as the next few weeks are crucial and the coronavirus outbreak may spiral out of control if precautions are not observed.

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Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah posted a video on his social media discussing the reason behind the decision to lockdown mosques said that he had spoken with the President of Pakistan and even consulted doctors on the matter.

According to Murad Ali Shah, strict lockdown on Fridays will continue to be observed during 12:00PM to 3:00PM when all shops and shopping centers will be closed and only a maximum of five people will be allowed to pray in the mosque which includes the Imam and the staff.

Taraweeh prayers will follow the same direction where only up to five people will be allowed and Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah urges everyone else to observe prayers at home to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

20 Point Agreemnt with Ulema

President Arif Alvi even tweeted today explaining that the 20 point agreement that was made with the Ulema gave the government authority to review the decision if the precautionary measures were not being met or there was a spike in the coronavirus cases in the country.

The tweet explained that the first 17 points of the agreement were based on the precautionary measures that needed to be followed and these were the universal measures being practiced throughout the world. Point 18 of the agreement emphasized on the need to form committees to make sure that the health and safety measures were being followed. Point it was made clear that the permission to open mosques was provisional and granted only if the safety measures are followed.

The last point clearly states that the federal and provincial governments can review the decision if the safety measure and SOPs issued are not being followed or the coronavirus outbreak is getting out of hand.

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