Teenagers killed in Kaghan Valley for wanting to marry each other

MANSEHRA: A pair of teenagers were brutally killed in Kaghan Valley by their own parents for wanting to marry each other against the parent’s wishes.

Young couples are killed in the name of honor all across Pakistan, falling in love and desire to marry and be with the person they love is considered a crime and is said to bring dishonor to the family.

The young couple who try to fight against all odds to be with the person they love are mercilessly killed by their own closest family members. Such cases are heard every now any them in the country and it is an age old tradition which still remains.

The teenagers were killed in Kaghan Valley by their own family for wanting to marry someone of their own choice.

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Kaghan Valley

Where did it happen

The teenagers were killed in the name of honor on 21 July in Kaghan Valley in Mansehra district. The bodies of the young couple were found in Jared locality in the limits of Kaghan.


SHO Kaghan Police Station Wajid Khan confirmed in his statement that the girl wanted to marry her cousin instead of her fiance. The parents being against the wedding killed them both.

The SHO also informed when the police reached the scene, the family refused to register an FIR.

What else is known

Police investigation revealed that the boy had come to meet the girl secretly on the night of July 20. When the parents of both the teenagers found out they decided to kill them in the name of honor.

Case registered against five people

The police have registered a case against five people involved in the killing of young couple. The parents of the girl and boy are among the accused in the murder.

According to the Station House Officer, three of the accused are arrested. The police are carrying out raids to arrest the twp others. The police informed that the murder was pre-planned by the parent which later was executed.

The three arrested include fathers of the teenagers and an uncle.


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