Temporary PUBG ban remains for a few more days

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was suppose to make a final deicison of the Temporary PUBG ban on 9 July 2020 however, it has decided that more time is required to make the decision.

PUBG ban
Temporary PUBG ban to remain for few more days.

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A temporary PUBG ban was implemented by PTA after two suicide cases came to light where the online multiplayer game was blamed for the incident.

Even the Punjab Police wrote a letter to Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) requesting them to ban the online multiplayer game as these suicide cases belonged to Lahore.

On 1 June 2020, the online competitive multiplayer game was placed under a temporary ban and it was said that a final decision will be made on 9 July 2020. PTA also set up an email on [email protected] to get public feedback about the decision.

Yesterday, PTA said it required more time to make the final decision and the authority’s chairperson confirmed that the decision will be made in a few days regarding the PUBG ban.

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Furthermore, Islamabad High Court (IHC) also instructed PTA to make the decision in accordance with the law making sure the company owning the game has representation in court as well.

Another hearing is set to take place at IHC regarding the matter on 13 July which will be attended by lawyers from the company owning PUBG where it will be further decided about the whether is should be unbanned or not..

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It is important to mention here that several petitions have been filed against the decision by PTA in the Sindh High Court. Pakistani TV host Waqar Zaka also filed a ban stating that it was a wrong decision and threatens the future of gaming industry in Pakistan.

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