Three minor boys found dead after suspected sexual abuse in Kasur

KASUR: Three children who were abducted two months ago found dead in the area of Chunian, Kasur, Punjab on Monday.

According to the initial report, Three boys (minors) were brutally murdered, The body of a child and the body parts of other two children were recovered from Pattoki City.

The three children were identified as Salman, Muhammad Imran, and Muhammad Faizan.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident, the bodies were sent for post-mortem.

Punjab Ispector General (IGP) Arif Nawaz condemned the incident and told media that two bodies which police has recovered were two months old and the third body of the child was a day older.

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The investigation is underway under Qadus Baig, IGP has directed to authorities to submit an initial inquiry report within six hours.

Kasur is well known for child abuse cases and several other cases surfaced from this town.

Two years ago, Zainab (minor) was raped and murdered in Kasur Punjab. The convicted Imran was hanged on October 17.

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