Tree Plantation at Faisal Avenue Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Chief Commissioner Islamabad and Director General Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated Tree Plantation at Faisal Avenue Islamabad.

Plantation of maximum trees is being made essential while executing any development project.

In execution of G-7/G-8 underpass around 30 grown trees would be planted in lieu of single affected tree so that not only welfare oriented development projects could be completed but the environment of Islamabad would be improved. The plantation campaign for replacement trees was conducted jointly by Chief Commissioner Islamabad and D.G, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This tree plantation activity is being conducted in the open spaces along the Faisal Avenue where G-7/G-8 underpass is being constructed. On this occasion, officers of CDA and MCI were also present.

After planting a tree, Chief Commissioner Islamabad directed the officers of concerned formations that in future it must be considered that minimum number of trees suffer due to execution of development projects. He directed the concerned formations that, tree plantation be carried out in F-9 park also

5 to 8 feet tall 990 grown trees are being planted at the site nearby G-7/G-8 underpass on Faisal Avenue. These plants include 250 Alistonia plants, 200 Pilkhan plants, 300 Cheerpine plants, 40 Sapium and 200 Sukchain plants are being planted at the site. local species have been preferred so that these species can withstand local weather conditions and maximum survival rate could be ensured.

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