Two arrested in Major Laraib Gill murder case

ISLAMABAD: IG Islamabad confirmed in a press conference the arrest of two suspects in the murder case of Major Laraib Gill.

According to the police report, the two accused are Afghani nationals.

Inspector General (IG) Islamabad Police, Amir Zulfiqar Khan said in a press conference, Major Laraib Gill was murdered on November 22. Twenty-five officers were investigating the case and both the accused are arrested.

The accused during the interrogation informed the police that, the tyre of their motorbike punctured near the Karachi Company Park, that is when they decided for robbery.

The accused informed the police that time Major Laraib Gill along with a female was walking in the park. They also said he resisted when they tried to rob him at the gunpoint.

That is when they shot him. The accused have also confessed to their previous robbery. They robbed a young man of his mobile and cash in G-10 sector.

Statement of Aleena

The police had arrested the female friend of Major Laraib Gill. Aleena had also given the statement in front of the police. She said they were sitting in the park when two persons approached them in the intention of robbing them.

One of the men was armed, he pointed his gun and asked them to hand over everything they had.

Aleena told the police they kicked on Major Laraib’s face when he showed little resistance.

The robber then shot him right on his head and he died on spot.

Major Laraib Gill shot dead

Officer Major Laraib Gill (SSG Rahbar and L/C 122) was shot dead at G-9 Islamabad in a mobile snatching incident on November 21

He was killed in a single headshot injury by two unidentified persons.

According to reports, he was shot while he was sitting on a bench of G-9 Police Quarter Park. He was accompanied by his female friend.

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