Two killed in a road accident, US Embassy driver arrested

ISLAMABAD: Two people killed in a car accident at the federal capital’s Faisal Avenue Chowk on Sunday.

According to the police sources, two cars collided at Faisal Avenue Chowk Capital, Islamabad. One of the vehicles belongs to the United States Embassy in Islamabad.

US Embassy Driver Islamabad Faisal Avenue Chowk Road Accident Two Killed
Two killed in car accident. US Embassy driver arrested.

The US Embassy car driver was arrested and a First Information Report (FIR) was registered at Margalla Police Station.

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According to Geo News, a spokesperson for Islamabad Police said that the driver of the US Embassy vehicle was a Pakistani citizen and action will be taken against suspects in full accordance with the law.

This is the third incident in two years when a US Embassy vehicle violated the stop light and killed a citizen.

The US Embassy vehicle today hit a car with a family inside. The collision resulted in the death of a woman and a male present in the car on the spot.

Other people present in the car were seriously injured. The victims of the car were not immediately identified.

The tragedy is that the embassy cars are violating traffic rules on Islamabad’s roads but no one is taking any action regarding this matter.

Another similar incident where a US envoy ran over a motorcyclist.

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