Two more casualties in Sindh brings Pakistan coronavirus death toll to 15

The coronavirus outbreak is getting worse and Pakistan’s total number of cases have crossed 1500 and now Sindh has reported two more deaths bringing the Pakistan coronavirus death toll to 15.

The news was confirmed by the Health and Population Minister of Sindh Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho who confirmed that both patients tested positive for COVID-19.

Pakistan Coronavirus Death COVID-19
Pakistan Coronavirus Death toll reaches 15 after two more casualties have been reported in Sindh bringing the total death toll of the province to 3.

The patients were 83 and 70 years old and the cause of death in both cases was “pneumonia along with COVID-19” according to the Sindh Health Minister.

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This brings the total death toll of Sindh to three while Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa currently have the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus at five each.

Punjab however has the most number of COVID-19 confirmed cases at 570 followed by Sindh with 481 cases and the rise in the coronavirus cases has been slow since last night.

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