Two Sides of College Life in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Going through the social media, came across two videos reflecting two sides of Islamabad College life. Student life is the best phase of our life, the memories of which are cherished till our last breath.

We learn we make friends, we mature and grow with our friends and teachers. Our best friends and best teachers are never forgotten.

where we have our best memories associated with our student life, for some there may be moments that will haunt forever.

Teachers play a vital role in shaping and building the personality of a student. It is very important to have a very positive and friendly teacher-student relationship to develop a learning ability of any student.


Islamabad Model College G7/2

The video shows how a teacher is torturing a student in from of all the students. This is a class of Islamabad Model College G7/2.

The teachers hold the most respectable position in our society, but this brutality and abuse are condemnable. Verbal and physical abuse both destroy a child’s personality and surely after such treatment from a teacher who will attend the class? No matter what happens physical and verbal abuse must be prohibited from all educational institutes at all levels. Students experiencing such treatment must be haunted by bad memories for the rest of their lives. Probably drop out and say goodbye to education.

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H9 College Islamabad

While in the first video student is humiliated by his teacher, the second video shows a teacher-student moment. Little fun time between studies is essential to ease and relax the minds.

The video also shows a strong and friendly bond of both teacher and students. A teacher who is also a friend and appreciates the talent of his student.

Such teacher and student bond are really appreciable, students must respect their teachers but there shouldn’t be a fear factor.

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