UN Chief: Kartarpur Corridor is practical example of Pakistan’s desire for peace

The United Nations (UN) General Secretary Antonio Guterres visited the Kartarpur Corridor today remarks about how this initiative taken by Pakistan shows the country’s desire for peace.

Kartarpur Corridor UN Chief Guterres Peace
UN Secretary General visits Kartarpur Corridor, says it shows Pakistan’s desire for peace.

The UN Chief on his visit to the Kartarpur Corridor was briefed about the facilities that were being provided to the Sikh community and that the purpose of this was to enable easy access for the Sikh community to cross the border.

The UN Chief while addressing the media said that this step shows Pakistan’s desire for peace and inter faith harmony adding that it was a good step to promote tolerance among different religious communities.

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The Kartarpur Corridor was inaugurated on November 9 last year and has provided access to five thousand Indian Sikhs daily and there are plans to eventually double the capacity.

The UN Secretary General is on a four day visit to Pakistan to mark the 40 years of Afghan Refugees in the country and has held meetings with the UN Refugee Agency officials on Monday.

On his visit to Lahore, he addressed the students of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) over the importance of keeping up-to date with the latest trends and setting the curriculum accordingly.

The UN Chief also talked about the threat of climate change and and over populations.

He also had a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan talking about the Kashmir issue and said that the United Nations resolution on occupied Kashmir should be implemented.

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