CDA/ICT/MCI to wash all major roads & Markets of Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA), ICT Administration and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) have been directed to wash all markets, busy areas and major roads of the city with Chemicals as well as to carry out cleanliness in all parts of the city.

All the departments are participating in this special operation, the steps has been taken as preventive measure to control the spread of Coronavirus in the city. Chemical to be used for washing are secured by the ICT Administration from a Chemicals factory at Attock and is an route. The activity would be started from tomorrow after input from Ministry of Health. The step has been taken to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the city.

CDA/ICT/MCI to wash all major roads & Markets of Islamabad
CDA/ICT/MCI to wash all major roads & Markets of Islamabad

Furthermore, in line with the instructions of CDA Management, four ventilators are being made operative at CDA Hospital from Thursday. Moreover in accordance with instructions of CDA management, Doctors and Paramedical staff of CDA Hospital have been directed to remain alert to cope any emergent situation. Furthermore, a camp office has also been established at CDA Hospital implementation on medical advisory issued by the Government is being ensured.

CDA Management and ICT Administration have requested the residents of the city to cooperate with the authorities so that the spread of Coronavirus could be controlled. The residents have been further requested to stay at home, avoid unnecessary movements and follow the instructions issued by the departments in this regard.

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