What the PTI govt is doing about the current wheat crisis?

The wheat crisis involves prices of flour going sky high after an apparent shortage and being sold for as high as Rs. 62 to Rs. 70 at some places.

wheat crisis pti government flour prices pm imran khan
Flour prices go sky high in current wheat crisis.

The president for the flour association told Geo News:

Fine flour is available for Rs62/kg while the price of mill flour increased by five to six rupees and is being sold between Rs 62/kg to Rs70/kg,

This increase in price has just happened within a week and according to reports, a sack of floor in Karachi is being sold for as high as Rs. 500.

Some reports suggest that in some parts of the city, a 10kg pack of flour is being sold at Rs. 700 which was just Rs. 450 before the current wheat crisis in the country.

Even in Lahore there is an increase of Rs. 6 per kg bringing the total to Rs. 70 per kg of flour.

The government so far has not done anything to help the people although it seems that notice has been taken about the issue by the PTI government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a “grand operation” against those hoarding flour and selling it at exorbitant rates. He has directed authorities to take stern action against these people and as well as seal their warehouses.

Firdous Ashiq Awan who is the Special Advisor to PM for Information and Broadcasting said:

By taking timely steps, flour prices will fall,

Persons creating hurdles in flour and wheat supply will be dealt with iron fists,

On the other hand, Sheikh Rashid, the Minister for Railways told reporters in an interview that the reason for the wheat crisis and why flour is being sold at exorbitant rates is because people “eat more bread in November and December” and says that “It’s not a joke” and that a “study” backs his claims.

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The PTI minister also said that PM Imran Khan is the only option people have and that they need to give the government another “year and a half” admitting to the terrible condition the country is in currently with price of everything at an all time high.

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