Woman returning from work raped by four robbers in Lahore

LAHORE: A woman, aged 19, was returning home from work was raped by four armed robbers in Lahore. The incident took place in the Gujjarpura area of the city on Thursday according to report by Geo News.

woman raped lahore
Woman raped in Lahore by four armed robbers.

Based on the report, the woman who was 19 years in age worked as a compounder in a clinic and was returning home from work when she was stopped by four armed robbers and taken to the nearby field in the Gujjarpura area of Lahore and raped her.

She was allegedly raped those these muggers and they also took all her valuables including cash, mobile phone and fled the scene.

A First Information Report (FIR) has been registered regarding the incident which is now under investigation according to the Inspector General Of Police (IGP) Punjab.

Violence against women has become increasing common as every other day we hear news about rape, sexual assault and even torturing or woman including some cases involving minors which is very disturbing.

Just recently. Yumna Soomro was tortured to death by her husband for giving birth to a baby girl and a few days before that we saw a girl who was tortured to death by her employers.

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