Won’t respect those who disrespect people’s votes: Nawaz Sharif

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said on Wednesday that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would not respect the ones who do not respect the sanctity of people’s mandate and votes.

Nawaz Sharif addressed a political rally in Kot Momin today and complained in his speech that mere five people tore opinions of five crore people.

He rhetorically asked why PML-N was being subjected to alleged injustice.

Former president of PML-N reiterated that the top court disqualified him as the premier of Pakistan for not earning salary from his son’s company and over a resident permit. He asserted that no corruption in national treasury was proved against him.

Notable legal experts across Pakistan disagreed with the July 28, 2017 verdict and said that it was unfair, Nawaz said.

The lifetime founder of PML-N further complained that a candidate of PML-N was allotted a pick-up van as an electoral symbol in place of a lion that has been party’s sign for decades.

Nawaz said that the party has taken a step and now it is people’s turn to reciprocate.

He claimed that the political organisation would win the battle concerning people’s rights. Nawaz further said that petrol price was not on a rise after his ouster whereas he wanted to slash power tariff instead.

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