Zainab murder case: Prime suspect’s lawyer draws himself from representation

The lawyer of prime suspect-Imran Ali-in Zianab murder case have distanced himself from the case after confession of Ali before Anti Terrorism Court today.

 As the hearing resumed at Kot Latkhpat Jail, Imran Ali confessed of raping and killing seven-year-old in Kasur. After the confession his lawyer told Judge Muhammad Sajjad that his conscience does not allow him to represent such criminal.

After withdraw of suspect’s lawyer, Punjab government assigned a government lawyer, Muhammad Imran , for the case.

The main accused in Zainab rape and murder case, Imran Ali, has confessed to raping and killing other minor girls in Kasur.

According to local media reports, Imran has revealed the detail of locations and dumping sites of the victims. The suspect has further confessed to how he used to lure the victims into his trap. Following Imran’s confession, his defence counsel has announced to withdraw from representing him.

Other than Zainab, Imran has confessed to murdering and raping the girls last year, including Ayesha Asif, whose body was found on January 7, Iman Fatima, who was found dead on February 24, Noor Fatima, found dead on April 11 and Laiba Saleem, who was found on July 8. All the girls were seven years old.

Zainab was raped and killed after being abducted from her aunt’s home on January 4. Her dead body was found from a garbage pile on January 9. The incident caused an uproar on social and electronic media.

The Punjab government authorities arrested accused Imran Ali on January 23 after a DNA match.

During the hearing 36 witnesses have recorded their statements before ATC. Total of 56 witnesses are named in the case.

Furthermore, Lahore High Court has ordered ATC to wrap up the proceedings of case within seven days. Hence it is expected that court will give its verdict within next 72 hours.

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