Zainab rape & murder: suspect confesses to crime

Suspect arrested for involvement in the two-year-old Zainab rape and murder in Charsadda has confessed to the heinous crime in his statement to the police telling them to details about the incident.

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Zainab rape & murder: suspected confesses to crime.

According to details, the suspect identified the location where the he committed the heinous crime and escorted the police team to that place under tight security.

Furthermore, the culprit behind the Zainab rape and murder in Charsadda also informed the police of the weapon he used for the crime which was a sickle that has been recovered by based off his provided details.

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The culprit informed the police that he kidnapped Zainab from outside her home and took the minor child to the fields where he sexually abused her before committing the murder.

The father of the minor victim, Akhtar Muneer, has demanded that the culprit be hanged publicly for the crime and the family be provided justice.

About Zainab rape & murder in Charsadda

Two-year-old Zainab was found raped and murdered a day after she was kidnapped from her home town of Charsadda in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 6th October.

The body of the minor girl was found mutilated with her chest and abdomen cut open with a sharp object apart while initial medical report confirmed that the Zainab was also sexually abused.

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