Jazz Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2020

When it comes to data internet, Jazz is one of the leading networks in Pakistan. Here we have compiled a list of complete Jazz Internet Packages for your convenience.

Jazz internet packages jazz net packages daily weekly monthly
Here is a complete list of Jazz internet packages. This list includes all Jazz net packages including daily, weekly and monthly.

Jazz Internet Packages

جیز انٹرنیٹ پیکجز

Here we have divided our list of Jazz net packages into three sections that include Daily, weekly and monthly net packages.

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Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

Here is a list of complete Jazz Daily Net Packages and their subscription codes. You can also subscribe to these packages through Jazz World app which is much more convenient when subscribing to these data bundles.

Package NamePrice Incl. Tax (PKR)DetailsSubscription CodeRemaining MBs
Daily SocialRs. 7500 MB (Facebook and WhatsApp)*114*5#*114*5*2#
Peak Off-PeakRs. 24100 MB (24 Hours), 1.1 GB (2AM to 2PM)*117*4#*117*4*2#
Daily BrowserRs. 11.9550 MB Data*117*11#*117*11*2#
Daily Social RecursiveRs. 5.98 (Auto re-sub)200 MB (Facebook and WhatsApp)*445#*445*2#

* Checking for remaining MBs cost Rs. 0.06 when dialing the status code given in the above table.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

This is a list of all Jazz Weekly Net Packages along with their subscription codes. There are a lot of options when it comes to weekly internet bundles.

Package NamePrice Incl. Tax (PKR)DetailsSubscription CodeRemaining MBs
Weekly YouTube OfferRs. 805 GB for YouTube only*570#*5570*2#
Weekly MegaRs 2007 GB Data*159#*159*2#
Weekly Mega PlusRs. 25020GB = 10 GB (24 Hours), 10 GB (2AM to 2PM)*453#*453*2#
Weekly PremiumRs. 1473 GB Data*117*47#*117*42*2#
Weekly SocialRs. 705 GB (IMO, WhatsApp and Facebook)*660#*660*2#
Weekly StreamerRs. 951 GB Data*117*7#*117*7*2#

* Remaining MBs check will cost Rs. 0.06.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:

Jazz monthly net packages have some very good options compared to competitors with high volume of data that comes them a good value for money.

Package NamePrice Incl. Tax (PKR)Total MBsDetailsSubscription CodeRemaining MBs
Monthly BrowserRs. 2154 GB Data2GB (24 Hours), 2GB (2AM to 2PM)*117*77#*117*77*2#
Monthly MegaRs. 3758 GB Data4GB (24 Hours), 4GB (2AM to 2PM)*117*31#*117*31*2#
Monhtly Maga PlusRs. 60012 GB Data6GB (24 Hours), 6GB (2AM to 2PM)*117*30#*117*30*2#
SupremeRs. 88520 GB Data10GB (24 Hours), 10GB (2AM to 2PM)*117*32#*117*32*2#

All these net packages can be subscribed through their codes mentioned or you can use the Jazz World app which makes subscribing and even checking for remaining resources very easy.

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