Jazz Super Duper and Hybrid Packages and Bundles

Jazz brings its customers a number of options with its monthly and weekly hybrid packages or Jazz Super Duper packages. These Packages offer an all in one solution with minutes, MBs and SMS.

Jazz Super Duper Hybrid Packages Monthly Super Plus
Jazz Super Duper and Hybrid Packages details.

These packages can be subscribed through their respective codes as mentioned along with the package below or through Jazz World app which is actually pretty neat and makes managing your Jazz number very easy and simple.

Jazz Super Duper Card can be subscribed either through balance / credit in your account using the subscription code, through Jazz world app or through loading the Jazz Super Duper Card that is available at stores where you buy normal Jazz cards. Upon loading / recharging a Super Duper Card, you will not be given credit / balance in your account but rather the assigned resources according to the Super Duper Card.


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We have split the packages into two categories with the first one being those that do not require any call setup charges and the second one where these call setup charges are applicable.

However, it should be noted that even for packages where there are no call setup charges, Jazz does recommend keeping a minimum amount of 0.15 in your account in order to be able to keep the package working and using resources especially calls.


Jazz Super Super and Hybrid Packages and Bundles:

  • No Call Setup Charges:
PackagePricePackage DurationJazz MinutesOther Network MinSMSInternet / MBsSubscription MethodStatus Code
Super Duper CardRs. 60030 days200015020002GB*601#
Monthly Super DuperRs. 577 (Rs. 649 recharge)30 days300015030003GB*706#*706*2#
Monthly Super Duper PlusRs. 977 (Rs. 1099 recharge)30 days5000300500010GB*707#*707*2#
Weekly Super DuperRs. 199 (Rs. 224 recharge)7 days15005015003GB*770#
Weekly Super PlusRs. 222 (Rs. 250 recharge)7 days50005050005GB + 5GB (2AM – 2PM)*505#*505*2#
Weekly All NetworkRs. 155 (Rs. 175 recharge)7 days10005010001GB*700#*700*2#
Daily Super PlusRs. 281 day5005500500MB*558#
  • Call setup charges applicable:
PackagePricePackage DurationJazz MinutesOther Network MinSMSInternet / MBsSubscription MethodStatus Code
Monthly HybridRs. 444 (Rs. 500 recharge)30 days10000*5010001GB*430#*430*2#
Weekly HybridRs. 115 (Rs. 130 recharge)7 days1000201000500MB*407#*407*2#

* 333 minutes per day on weekdays and unlimited weekends.

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