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These are not the exact prices, just to give you rough idea yet I am not focusing on this page thats you may not find updated prices but I will surely add for all about GFive and other related phones, beside this Phone Reviews and Apps Reviews gets almost daily updated, so what I would suggest you to go on the front page on the right side you will see subscribe via email which would be helpful for you to stay updated with the posts or just bookmark it.

Upcoming phones and New Arrivals gets updated as it hits the market, Video reviews are there in phone reviews beside this more will be added soon.


 A100AA100s A2QNoirA2s A6A6s A8A8s



 Rs. 6,500  Rs. 8,900  Rs. 11,000  Rs. 16,000

Rs. 19,500


images (7)

 Xperia Tipo Dual sonytipoduals

 Xperia U


Xperia Go 


Xperia sola


Xperia P


 Rs. 15,000 17,600  Rs. 20,500  Rs.20,600

Rs. 26,600

Xperia Ion


Xperia miro


Xperia S


Xperia neoL


Xperia T


 Rs. 40,900  30,000 Rs. 33,000  Rs.21,500

Rs. 52,700

images (6)

Wildfire SHTCwildfiress

Desire X


Desire S


Desire V


Incredible S



 Rs. 14,900 Rs. 28,000 Rs. 35,000 Rs. 29,700 Rs.36,500


One X



One VHTChtconevs Incredible SHTCincredibless Sensation XLHTCSensationxls



 Rs.47,800  Rs.25,500  Rs.36,500  Rs.40,800  Rs. 36,500


 images (8)

iphone 4S 16 GB iappleiphone4ss iphone 4S 32 GBiappleiphone4ss iphone 5 16 GBiphone5s iphone 5 32 GBiphone5s  iphone 5 64 GBiphone5s
 Rs. 56,000  Rs. 65,000  Rs. 78,500  Rs. 88,500  Rs.  111,000



Galaxy S III SYgalaxys3s Galaxy Note II
Galaxy Note
Galaxy Nexus syNexus  Galaxy SS7562s
 Rs. 56,000  Rs. 65,000  Rs. 59,000  Rs. 47,000  Rs.  27,700


Galaxy Note 


Galaxy S Advancegalaxysadvances Galaxy S DuosS7562s (1) Galaxy Ace S5830Samsung Galaxy Aces

Galaxy Music Duos S6012S6012s


 Rs. 43,500  Rs. 36,700  Rs. 27,900  Rs. 23,700  Rs.  15,700


18th December 2012, Market retail rates these are only for Faree’s Smart Customers, Faree’s Mart is not responsible for the Open Market Rates or the warranty by. we are only concern with the prices which are mentioned and for we only deal in limited phones.

Nokia / LG and China Phones will be added in a day or two. so Bookmark it !

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  1. Assalam u alikum i have 2 question.1) which is better noir a8 or a9? in terms of fast hd gaming,fast internet use,good image quality.2) please prefer me a good gaming device of any international brand within 25k i dont care if it is with or without warranty but the device should be best in terms of fast hd gamming,fast internet use,good camera result in low light or in dark. Thank You

  2. why is the price list is not displaying correctly ???

  3. Faisal says:

    Farhan..! Which is better in use? A8 or A10. U hv used both of them.. & Secondly, what ll be comparison b/w A8 or any of HTC (same range), u'll recommend which one??

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      A8 is better and decent as compared to A10. There is no HTC phone in that range which offer same specification all are way above in price same with Sony. If you ask me personally Noir than I would recommend you A8.

  4. HasNi says:

    xperia u or noir A8 ?!?

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      Xperia U is good but limited due to memory A8 has 2 GB phone storage and 1 GB apps while extend it till 32 easily. Space Matters

  5. hammyboy says:

    it seems that u are making some comission on these phones…

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      Dear I very fair person, It is for the people to know if they are getting phones cheaper there or on fair prices by me. rest final price will be after ordered and I think the one who does the work needs to be paid least what he deserve. would you do it for free?

      • hammyboy says:

        no , you are right ..but i would take max-to-max rs.500 commision per seems u are making more than 1500 per phone

        • Farhan Imaan says:

          I have to update prices if changed since dollar has went up, beside it if i am having 500 or 5000 , It shouldnt be the problem, where I am offering better than market.

      • hammyboy says:

        perhaps you inserted the prices wrong

  6. abidkhan says:

    are you sure that HTC Desire X price is 17000 ?????

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      Brother actually i been doing multiple things so wrongfully inserted the prices. If any phone needed I will confirm least possible rates of new with warranty these are overview market prices. only Q prices are confirm which I dont think anyone is offering or givingaway less than these.

  7. Muhammad Anas Zafar says:

    Is A6 back in the market? if yes then si the memoey confusion isses fixed?? (not saving in SD card)

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      I have to confirm that from Q fella as well Anjum sohail who is using and knows technically.

  8. akram tariq says:

    bro what u write xperia t price 26000 is it possible just see the specs how the price such low like 26000 go and see spec and give the correct price

    • Farhan Imaan says:

      Thanks brother for pointing out this mistake ill will fix it.

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