Bhoja Air crash , A doubt between Go or No Go always choose No Go!

The investigation report of Bhoja air crash has been finalized,  According to the investigative report, the pilot of the flight was held responsible for the crash.

According to the investigation report, the co-pilot of the plane kept telling pilot Noorullah Afridi to “go round” and “pull”, but the pilot tried landing the plane even in bad weather.
The pilot knew about the bad weather condition before the plane took off from Karachi and even saw it on the radar around 50 miles away from Islamabad, said sources.
The pilot was also given multiple warnings by the Air Control Tower regarding the weather.
As the pilot tried to land the plane, it got caught in a “downdraft” and crashed within 30-40 seconds. The plane caught fire after it crashed, added sources.
The report added that the aircraft had no technical faults.

The pilot had reportedly tried to land in Islamabad despite rough weather warning from the control tower, where he was ordered to take the flight towards Lahore. According to the report, the last words of the co-pilot were to raise the plane. The plane ended up being caught in a downdraft of air and crashed within 30 seconds.

The Investigation report came on 2nd July 2012, In which the investigation cleared that the pilot wanted to land despite the weather warning, seems either private Airlines are forcing pilots to maintain the route to save the fuel since economical airliners has started like buses and coaches on the highway, let’s say it was the pilots mistake that he choose to land but CAA ( Civil Aviation Authority ) has passed any regulation changes strictly to all the private Airliners, not in my knowledge.

Weather Warning is not than and there, ever the Radars aren’t fitting for a showpiece how early warning was issue, Met department issued the weather warning twice that day, issue is Why the pilot was compelled to land despite the warning, in fact when Bhoja Air Crashed just after few minutes another Airline took off from ( Benazir Bhutto International Airport ) who given the clearance to it, why media ignores that after the crash other plane took off from the same Airport.

There should be a complete investigation report in front of the public to know and to understand, keeps pros and cons in front, That piece of Information is not sufficient enough to ease the pain of those who died and their loved ones. I searched the CAA site and Googled it but I didn’t find proper Investigation report, if you have kindly share along because, safety measurements are must, by throwing all onto the one who’s also died doesn’t end the story. some important questions are always there to be answered like :-

After  this crash what investigation CAA did by grounding all private airlines and letting Great People to Fly with ( PIA ) up in the air ?

Do they carry enough fuel to return or reach the directed location ?

Before take off does the CAA to the last-minute home work?

I wrote the article right on the next day of the crash, where I have no doubt that weather warning was ignored but control tower didn’t stop the plane from the landing approach having a doubt, what does their last-minute conversation with the pilot and co-pilot was ?

Come on it is not like when Bhoja wants take outdated Aircraft and get it ready without CAA clearance. In aviation it is very common ” A doubt between Go or No Go, Always Choose No Go !


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  1. I have been closely following such incidents, being an avid aviation enthusiast apart from medical profession. Thou pilot errors, technical faults, All have their contributions, but the regulator CAA is the main culprit. CAA is responsible for maintaining and ensuring air safety standards. Any airline not confirming can be grounded by CAA. Unfortunately CAA instead of being a technical and professional organization has become more of a land and plaza magia in recent times. It is a dumping ground for retired airforce service men. Many of them are retired airforce pilots. There is a hell of difference between flying a combat jet and a passenger airliner. In an combat aircraft you can even dive and land the aircraft at a steep angle, which cant be done is a commercial airliner.

    These CAA individuals have no technical know how of modern aviation and avionics. They are most interested in building plazas and housing schemes. They dont care about installing modern equipment at airports. For example Peshawar Airport doesnt even have a Cat 1 ILS. Aircraft have to be landed using the older non precision approaches utilising VOR-DME approach on Runway 35. Night time landings in Peshawar are always hair raising and scary. Same goes for Islamabad Airport, which has an obsolete Cat 1 ILS system installed at Runway 30, while from the other end pilots have to land using pure visual approach which occassionaly becomes impossible in bad weather.

    Pakistani airports dont have modern weather radars, and the airtraffic controllers are also lousy. The pilot of Bhoja Airline Noorullah Afridi had not flown any aircraft in past 6 months prior to his maiden flight on Bhoja Air. The 737-200 series used by Bhoja Air and also by Shaheen Air are junk metals and have been grounded years years ago as more better and modern jet fleets are around, but then its Pakistan and who cares

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