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FAW V2 jolts the pillars of imperialism In Pakistan we have limited options when it comes to brand new automobiles since over three decades Pak Suzuki, Toyota Indus and Altas Honda been manufacturing vehicles and capturing automobiles market in Pakistan – Al-Haj FAW (Chinese Company) launched FAW V2 Hatchback in 2013 which was being imported from China however recently started the assembling plant in Zulfiqarabad, Karachi Sindh.

According to official sources, Faw V2’s 1800 units were sold in 2016 only and meanwhile company was preparing for the locally assembled version, In August 2017 local assembled came out in the market keeping the same price tag 10,69,000/- .

Al-Hajj FAW launched V2 in Pakistan back in 2013 – vehicle is being imported from China to compete with Pak Suzuki local assembled Suzuki WagonR (1000cc), Suzuki Cultus 1000cc  and Suzuki Swift (1300cc) although Pak Suzuki vehicles gained the attention and popularity hence they’ve failed to provide the basic safety features excluding The New Suzuki Cultus VXL which offers airbags.

My review is based on personal experience – The review is unbiased and trying to keep it simple since INCPak visitors search for vehicles on our platforms, I have driven FAW V2 over 1000 kilometers within City and on Highway so I will share my view based on my experience.

People are comparing it with Suzuki Swift local assembled according to specification and according to price with Suzuki WagonR which makes it the combo deal eventually, 1300cc vehicle in 1000cc vehicle’s price that could only be FAW V2.

FAW V2 gives you more than you expect from any Pakistani local assembled or manufacturer, FAW V2 price is very decent Rs. 10,69,000/- Ex Factory price – It comes with SRS Airbags driver + front passenger also debuts EBD electronic Brake distribution feature which is additionally working over conventional ABS.  1.3 Liter DOHC 16-valve engine with emission standard EURO 4. The engine also comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, VTC- I, and 4 cylinders in line.

FAW V2 fuel economy?

The Most frequently asked question about any vehicle in Pakistan is about the fuel economy since people want the maximum per liter. Normal drive with A/C on within City It gives 13 kilometers per liter now the person with a good understanding of drive/vehicle chemistry foot sense can get 16 kilometers per liter, Al Haj Faw motors company claims 100 kilometers in 6 liters which is 100% accurate. On the highway in my case, I was in hurry had to reach back so after being hard on throttle driving on 140 kmph which exceeded RPM almost to 4k, FAW V2 gave me 12 kmpl not bad because the wind pressure at night time while coming from Hyderabad to Karachi on Superhighway also known as Motorway M9 was intensely high which could be the factor vehicle had to make double efforts to stick on 140+ speed. Overall never got less than 12 kilometers in my overall diving experience so my verdict is a 13+ average economy.

Fuel average is not bad at all just you need to understand the vehicle and please don’t expect from zero meter vehicle to give this until 5000 to 7000 KM run.

FAW V2 Brakes?

ABS + EBD makes a little confusing combination usually we have driven vehicles with ABS only we find them more responsive and intact, however EBD feature minimize the risk of wheel skid once you go hard on brake paddle, although you may find the brake paddle a bit harder when you compare it with Toyota Vitz, WagonR or Suzuki Swift but after some time you’ll be able to adjust yourself according to V2 braking response. Braking is fine and responsive just you need to understand the mechanism and mesmerize it. Faw V2 braking efficiency depends on driving mode and the road surface like any other vehicle on earth does, however adjusting yourself with such braking system might take 10 to 15 minutes practice.

FAW V2 Interior

FAW V2 is very spacious no doubt about it, seats are comfortable and gear position is ACTIVE according to my philosophy. only the speedometer and dashboard is little disappointing which I think matters to the driver, but as they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – I am probably the bulb holder, to me it was like some 80s SUV but there are some things which you need to compromise on. Al-Haj Motors (FAW) should have worked on the dashboard. Nonetheless, Air condition is chilling as hell seriously the only issue which I noticed is the wind pressure noise when you are cruising over 120 kmph to eliminate the noise you need to fix extra rubbers in the doors overall the cabin is safe and build quality is awesome.

FAW V2 Interior
FAW V2 Interior
FAW V2 interior


FAW V2 Speedo meter
FAW V2 Speedometer


FAW V2 Suspension?

The FAW V2 suspension is like no other vehicle available in the market in this price range, The independent Suspension works like a charm and you can notice the how suspension absorbs the bumps and gives you chilling handling performance, quite active and responsive steering wheel.

Faw v2 Suspension

FAW V2 Exterior

FAW V2 is a decedent of Toyota family, The first look you might notice it as Toyota Vitz 2005 model these both vehicle resembles a lot perhaps the exterior, build quality and the overall shape is great, Al-Haj FAW V2 is equipped with all the accessories such as fog lights front and rear, extra brake lamp, toolkit, Alloy rims, lastly they were installing HANKOOK tires from China I haven’t checked the locally assembled version but expecting General Tires. Color finishing is two thumbs up. Faw v2 Exterior

FAW V2 Exterior

FAW V2 Verdict!

The moment of truth finally, I am not fond of used, reconditioned vehicles personally I cannot describe the junk which is being imported from Japan especially the Hatchback vehicles in this price range. I would recommend FAW V2 piece of mind with warranty trust me they have a good sales service I been there myself. Now compare it with Suzuki Swift specification wise FAW V2 meets the essential requirements including safety features which unfortunately Suzuki Swift lacks. keep in mind the price difference and when it comes to WagonR although it’s a fine vehicle with good economical fuel average still you don’t get these features in VXL variant. talking about the Suzuki Cultus please spare me on this vehicle is totally retarded and under the hood 1000cc engine takes away all the fun venture.

FAW V2 stands out to be the best hatchback vehicle available in Pakistan right now in this price range with the power pack features and accessories. Instead of buying used reconditioned I think you should take a test drive from your nearest Al Haj Motors.

FAW V2 in Future?

for now, FAW V2 is available only with manual transmission gearbox although in China they do have the Automatic variant as well, expecting Al Haj Motors to introduce Automatic variant as well lots of people avoid manual transmission due to traffic hectic and wants stress free drive.

FAW V2 Transmission


Disclaimers: Images are taken from the Internet, various sources – Review is based on my personal experience, driving and 360 walk around the vehicle. 20 years of driving experience. If you have any query share your feedback below or email at [email protected]

I would love to hear from you guys and I am thankful to all those visitors who supported my faree’s blog and INCPak regarding vehicles review. InshaAllah in future will cover other vehicles as well.

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