Fiberlink’s Zalalat Continues

Yet another victim, Yet another story shared on social media group against Fiberlink so called Fastest Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. Stands out to be one of the worst customer service and super slow motion action deployment team.

Although PTCL is the one being trolled over social media most of the time due to turtle speed Internet and high ping issue but PTCL took the criticism positively, improved customer server and Internet connectivity in Fiberlink case it’s completely opposite.

Note: Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPak) is not against Fiberlink since day one, The reason we are publishing these stories on our website is because customers are complaining and Fiberlink fellas seems to be fooling innocent customers. Back in 2016 Fiberlink blocked website which was totally unfair, You cannot block the whole world, there are posts on PakGamers, Facebook Groups, are you going to block them all? Point is to fix your Customer Service and Deployment Team. Make them work or otherwise mention on your website “Sorry for Inconvenience,  We are not providing new connections” Instead of making your laywer call them when customers post about their bad experiences and threatening them of legal action.

Here’s the fresh story by JH, Un-edit completely..

MY FIBERLINK STORY (As shared on Tech-Aches Facebook Group):

“1. I was warned by many not to get a Fiberlink connection. However, a total of one friend I know did have a properly installed connection that gives the speed they claim. This convinced me to give it a shot (I’m in DHA, Karachi). I have Satcomm and they’ve been great but I was tempted by the cheap price and promised speed.

2. On November 17 I make the awful mistake of paying Rs11k for a 40MBps connection to a very shady sales agent who gives me the number of “Maya” for any follow-up. I’m told it will take 2 months to install. My friend has warned me it’ll take longer.

3. In February I decide to start making some calls, first to my sales agent who doesn’t pick up. Then to Maya who says I should call another dept. Then the other dept tells me they aren’t the concerned folk (have all the calls btw). After days of pursuing the issue I get a WhatsApp number for ‘support’. They ask me to be patient. I say sure.

4. A week in I’m just a bit tired of it all and I tell ‘support’ to cancel my connection and refund me. I’d share the chat screenshots but there are too many – suffice to say I got a pathetic response ending with “We have no refund policy, sorry”. BEWARE – they do not mention this anywhere for good reason. This is the probable scam – I can imagine they make a majority of their money this way.

5. I say if I’m not getting a refund I want my connection. They say okay and it goes into limbo UNTIL I comment on a recent post in Tech-Aches slamming them for this nightmare experience. Now, it’s a PR issue and potentially hurting their broader money making scheme. Check out the speed of response. I get a call within hours from a ‘Sadaf’ who claims she will get this connection sorted out by the evening. I say tomorrow is fine. She says please delete that comment from Tech-Aches. I say no, but I’ll update it.

6. The very next day the team shows up and they install the line inside and set up the device/router. Guess what? No internet. The team sits around for 2hrs in my house and then says “Your connection is fine, there is a problem elsewhere which should be resolved in just a few hours – we’re leaving”. This was Saturday. Across Sunday I tried to get through to Fiberlink in multiple ways to tell them the internet isn’t working but apparently Sundays are off for ‘support’.

7. I call ‘Sadaf’ today and she says there is a problem in DHA. BUT, I’ll get a call within an hour or so and all will be well. No call comes, so I msg ‘Support’ on WhatsApp. They haven’t replied across Sunday so I’m not hopeful. After a few hours though I get the response “It’s working now”.

My Fiberlink connection lies dead as we head into month four. If I didn’t already have a great primary connection I’d have lost it. Do we have a consumer court or the equivalent in Sindh?

More importantly, buyer beware.

I still believe they may link me up eventually, but this is the process. And no money back.”

This is not the first story of a customer who was lied to by Fiberlink. There are plenty of more stories like this and a few of them you can already find on our site. Fiberlink are still at it by luring people to them through their falsely advertised services. There is no excuse where an ISP needs 6-8 months for the installation of a connection (which is the major complaint) and on top of that they stop responding to the customer who has paid upfront for installation and even an year’s charges in advance in some cases.

All over the internet you will find paid promotions and paid/biased reviews of Fiberlink’s internet services on websites (well reputed sites) who might not have even used Fiberlink’s so called fastest internet.

Instead of getting paid reviews Fiberlink should pay more attention to providing better services, NOT LYING to their customers and focusing on fixing their customer support rather then advertising packages at cheap rates THAT THEY CANNOT EVEN INSTALL.

PS: Before you apply kindly read some unbiased reviews about the service. we want Fiberlink to improve customer service and provide the best service ( We wish them best of Luck in Future)

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  1. I am also a victim of their pathetic service. Please give me the number of this Sadaf so I ask her about my connection.

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