Recently a problem was raised by an Android user that is there any way to block the contacts on Viber. I searched over the net and at last I found that there is no way up to block the unwanted calls till now on any platform.There are some reason behind it which I would like to share with you- Viber can work with SIM in your phone its complete stand-alone app- Now Viber is available for Desktop too, which means SIM is not required at all- it works via VOiP that’s where the issue gets serious Viber Viber uses your contact list in order to recognize other Viber users. This means that no one can call you on Viber unless they already have you listed or know your telephone number. The person calling you has your number, & there is no way to block them from calling you. The only thing you can do is decline a call, the caller will be unaware. Unfortunately If you are listed on Viber anyhow you cannot Hide yourself from the people you don’t want me be in contact ! let’s say your Ex boy/girl friend now, if he or she adds up your contact you will be visible to them along with your Image and info on viber. Viber synchronizes your contacts that are present in your phone book deleting a contact in viber deletes the contacts from phone book also and vice versa.Viber still needs to more professional in order to be used frequently by those who doesn’t want unwanted numbers or the people to contact them meanwhile enjoy viber but be careful when you share your personal contact with any. There is no Solution as yet found !If any solutions  comes that solve this issue i will let you guys Check out other Viber Related Posts on INCPak Below or Click here Don’t forget to share your view about this app, because all the visitors read them carefully it helps visitors alot !  
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The most famous communication app which allows the user to call text & send photos worldwide for free with more than 140 million users Viber is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone and now for Desktop PC/ Laptop too with Video Calling like skype.



    • If The Number is changed you won\’t get any unwanted calls, because the visible contact of yours would be stored with previous number which you replaced

  1. question if i delete a viber contact from my contact list ………. will it just look like im not online to that person when they look through their viber? but will my image etc still look like i have them as a contact on viber but just that im not online?


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