Footballer Iker Casillas suffers heart attack While Training

PORTUGAL: Footballer Iker Casillas was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack while training on Wednesday morning.

Spain’s World Cup winning captain Iker Casillas, 37 suffered an acute myocardial infarction at the PortoGaia Training Center in Olival.

The training sessions were immediately suspended. Iker Casillas was immediately rushed to the hospital.

The club later confirmed his condition was stable.

Iker Casillas has played 167 times for Spain.

In 2010 he famously led his country to their first World Cup Win.

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In 2008 and 2012 led his country to European Championships

Casillas won three Champions League titles, and La Liga five times, at Real Madrid.

FC Porto confirmed IkerCasillas was “stable and his heart problem resolved”

They tweeted their support

Always together! Force Iker!

Welsh striker Gareth Bale, who also played with Casillas for Real Madrid, wished him well too.

Get well soon my friend

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His former club Real Madrid published a statement

“Real Madrid wants to transmit all their support to their beloved captain Casillas,” the statement read.

“Casillas has taught us throughout his professional career to overcome the most incredible challenges to enhance the glory of our club.

“It has taught us that giving up does not fit into our philosophy of life and has shown us countless times that being stronger the harder the challenge is, the way to achieve victory.

“Real Madrid want to see their eternal captain recovered as soon as possible and send him all the courage of the world.”

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