People angry at PCB over DRS failure – #PCBDestroyingPSL trending

People are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #PCBDestroyingPSL to express their disappointment with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) over the management of PSL 2020 after the Decision Review System – DRS failure in yesterday’s match and especially over the way they handled the PSL 2020 opening ceremony. People coming to Twitter saying that PCB is destroying PSL.

DRS Failure #PCBDestroyingPSL PCB Pakistan Cricket Board Indians PSL 2020
People angry with PCB over mismanagement of PSL after last night’s DRS failure.

The incident took place at yesterday’s match between the Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings where Babar Azam was given a second chance after Sarfaraz Ahmed asked for a review of the umpire’s decision thinking that Babar Azam had edged the ball.

The third umpire had to go with the on field umpire’s decision due to a Snickometer and Ultra edge both failed because of a technical glitch. These are the two systems used to detect whether a batsman had hit the ball or not.

This came right after yesterday when people were furious that PCB gave important management positions for the opening ceremony of the PSL to over 130 Indians that came in from India to manage the opening event.

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This revelation came yesterday but people were disappointed about how the opening ceremony of the PSL 2020 turned out from the moment it happened.

Now people are talking about their disappointment and anger over Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) destroying the Pakistan Super League fifth edition (PSL 2020) using the hashtag #PCBDestroyingPSL.


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