Women Drivers in Formula One Championship

Women Drivers who entered Formula One Championship since the inception of World Championship in 1950 are countable. Maria Teresa Filippis holding the title of the first woman to race in Formula One making her First entry in 1958 Monaco Grand Prix.

Susie Wolff is the sixth and the last women driver to have entered formula one. She started in 2014 while announcing her retirement in 2015.

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Maria Teresa Filippis holds the title of the first woman to race in Formula One (F1).

At the age of 22 she started racing Fiat 500s.

1954 – Finished second in Italian sports car championship.

1958 in Germany – became the first woman to participate in World Championship Formula One Grand Prix. She finished tenth place.

She was barred from competing at the French Grand Prix where an official told her: “The only helmet a woman should wear is the one at the hairdresser’s.”

That season she participated in four races. As a  result she was offered a drive for Jean Behra’s Porche team in 1959.

August 1958 Jean Behra passes away which led her to quit racing.

1979 joined the International Club of Former F1 Grand Prix Drivers. In 1997 became club’s vice president and was also president of the Maserati Club.

  • Date of Birth: November 11, 1926
  • Place of Birth:  Naples, Italy
  • Height: 5ft 2ins
  • Died: January 8, 2016 at Scanzorosciate, Italy
  • First entry: 1958 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Active years: 1958–1959
  • Last entry: 1959 Monaco Grand Prix
  • TV shows: The Circuit


She participated in 17 Formula One Championship Grands Prix. She is one of the only two female drivers to have qualified for Formula One race the other being Maria Teresa de Fllippis.

Lella Lombardi makes history by having top six finish in world championship race which was achieved at Spanish Grand Prix 1975.

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  • Full Name: Maria Grazia Lombardi
  • Date of Birth: March 26, 1941
  • Place of Birth:  Frugarolo, Italy
  • Died: March 3, 1992, at Milan, Italy
  • Career points: 0.5
  • First entry: 1974 British Grand Prix
  • Last entry: 1976 Austrian Grand Prix
  • Active years: 1974–1976


Divina Galica was an International skier whorepresented Great Britain at the Winter Olympics of 1964, 1968 and 1972. Herinterest in motor racing started in 1974 when she impressed in a celebrity FordEscort race at Oulton Park in 1974. She finished second that day and embarkedon a racing career with the support of Brands Hatch owner John Webb.

  • Date of Birth: August 13, 1944
  • Place of Birth:  Bushey, United Kingdom
  • First entry: 1976 British Grand Prix
  • Wins: 0
  • Podium finishes: 1
  • Podiums: 0


She is the only woman to win Formula One race. She won the British Aurora F1 Championship at Brands Hatch in 1980.

1980 British Grand Prix – did not qualify

Entered Indianapolis 500 in 1982 – did not qualify.

  • Date of Birth:  November 26, 1953
  • Place of Birth:  Brakpan, SouthAfrica
  • Spouse: Alan Wilson (m. 1975)
  • Parents: Charlie Randall
  • First entry: 1980 British Grand Prix
  • Championship: 0
  • Podiums: 0
  • Born : November 26, 1953
  • Country : South Africa
  • Current Competition :Not Active
  • Starts :108
  • Wins :3
  • Podiums :11
  • Fastest Laps:3
  • Race Win Percentage :2.78%
  • Podium Percentage :10.19%


She is the last female driver who entered the Formula One World Championship. She participated in three races of 1992 for Brabham-Juddbut did not qualify any.

Susie Wolff became first woman to enter Formula One racing after Amati in 2014.

  • Date of Birth: July 20, 1959
  • Place of Birth: Rome, Italy
  • Last entry: 1992 Brazilian Grand Prix
  • First entry: 1992 South African Grand Prix
  • Wins: 0
  • Podiums: 0
  • Parents: Giovanni Amati, Anna Maria Pancani


Suzanne “Susie Wolff” was formerly test driver at Williams. Made her on-track debut in Free Practice at British Grand Prix 2014.

Drove in the first session at German Grand Prix 2014

Susie Wolff is the only female driver to participate in Grand Prix after Giovanna Amati in 1992.

4 November 2015 she announced her retirement from F1.

  • Date of Birth: December 6, 1982
  • Place of Birth: Oban, United Kingdom
  • Height: 1.68 m
  • Car no: 23
  • Teams: Mücke Motorsport, Persson Motorsport
  • Spouse: Toto Wolff
  • Children: Jack Wolff
  • Nationality: Scottish, British

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